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Amazing Grace Childrens Home

Amazing Grace is currently home to over 100 children between the ages of 2 and 19. This NPO was founded by Ms Busiswe Grace Mashaba in 1989. The home provides a safe space where the children can engage in recreational activities, receive basic medical care, and have access to nutritious meals, often supplemented from their own vegetable garden. It provides a day care centre for the young and facilitates the transporting of the children to nearby schools. Many of the children do not have any identification documentation (as a result of child trafficking) and this prevents them from being able to register at a government school; this heavily administrative task is part of the Amazing Grace’s commitment to helping the children to integrate successfully into the schooling system.



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Jabulani Khakhi Boys Home

Jabulani Khakhi Boys is situated in the heart of Berea Johannesburg. It is a charity children’s home dedicated to positively impacting the lives of street kids. Founded and run by Stefanie Burnett, Jabulani Khakibos is a home established for up to 35 boys, previously abused, abandoned or orphaned and living on the streets. Many children have had to escape exploitative home environments, but then they face another set of challenges once on the streets. In addition to the lack of basic necessities, they are vulnerable to alcohol, substance abuse, crime, and sexual and physical violence. Jabulani provides a loving, safe place and a caring environment in which children can flourish. Ongoing financial support as well as community involvement is needed to help grow these boys into grounded and balanced men.


A charity children’s home dedicated to positively impacting the lives of street kids .

“We rejoice, sing, dance and celebrate because the children who were regarded as disposable, unwanted, “onkruid” (rubbish), inferior,”malundi” or a nuisance to society (like Khakibos), have now become a sweet smelling perfume – sought after, a pleasure to be with prized, valuable, welcome citizens of our Rainbow Nation”

2Where are they?

1 High Street, Berea
Johannesburg, Gauteng

South Africa


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Phuthadishaba Community Centre

The Phuthaditjaba Community Centre in Alexandria is testament to local Alexandra philanthropist and ‘legend’, Linda Twala. He started the Phuthaditjaba in the 1960’s as a centre providing care and food for the elderly in the area, but it has grown from strength to strength, from a tin clinic to a proper satellite clinic, a proper library, community board room, community hall, soup kitchen, and the future centre of excellence. Phuthaditjaba Community Centre serves as a haven for the poor and vulnerable.
They also have an after-school centre for children to do their homework, a library and computer centre and a nursery school. in South Africa, arises from a deep-seated desire to ensure that as many people as possible are afforded the opportunity to live with dignity.

1People helped by the charity

55 children living at the home, supports 155 orphans (living in area), 7 child-headed families and 105 needy families in the neighbourhood.
Ages: 0 months to 25 years old.


Twala believes that the answer too many of Alex’s (and South Africa) problems is skills development. The Phuthaditjaba Centre has, for example, a sewing facility where individuals are taught marketable and has a more comprehensive approach to education for all levels at the Centre.


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The Baby House

The Baby House was founded in response to the need of the estimated 5million children who are orphaned in South Africa, Johannesburg and house up to 6 children at a time.
The Baby House is a place of safety for abused and abandoned babies and toddlers whose style of care however goes far beyond what you would expect in a typical children’s home. The strive to provide one on one attention, loving touch and good quality nutrition, medication and therapies to assist the little ones in healing from trauma and returning to a safe world of self-discovery.
This organization opened in 2011 and the destiny of 21 children has been radically, and beautifully, changed.


Robin Fenn is the CEO & Founder. She has an honours degree in Clinical Psychology and practiced as Metaphysical healer for 10 years. Her research has largely been around healing trauma and the effect of both current and genetically inherited cellular memory of trauma and the effect it has on the individual. Robin recognises the importance of breaking the cycle of abuse, poverty and violence in order for the next generation of children to treat their children with love and protection.
To give the children the opportunity to form a healthy attachment to a caregiver and they have 1 Mama for every 3 children, creating the sense of a family home.


Our vision is to create more homes, with medical facilities to accommodate victims of infant rape as well as abused and abandoned babies. In order to do this we need to increase our sustainable income and to form partnerships with corporations devoted to the care and development of our current and future generation of children.


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Tshwaraganang Place of Safety

Tshwaraganang, “we come together,” is a place of safety for orphaned, abandoned and abused children, as well as a centre providing food for those in need. This Non-Profit Organization) was established in 2002 by Katherine Sepato after she witnessed the huge impact poverty was having on the children in her community.
55 children are living at the home and they supports 155 orphans (living in area), 7 child-headed families and 105 needy families in the neighbourhood. Tshwaraganang plays a major role in this community in its fight against poverty.

Currently need  Volunteers who can give extra lessons in maths, science , biology and accounting .

1People helped by the charity

55 children living at the home, supports 155 orphans (living in area), 7 child-headed families and 105 needy families in the neighbourhood.
Ages: 0 months to 25 years old.

2Shelters Aims
  • Help destitute families, learners, HIV/AIDS affected and infected people, shelter for orphans, liaise with professionals for counseling and other community organizations.
    Provide food, clothing, books etc. to the needy.
    Acquisitions of social grants and I.D documents for those who are illiterate or uninformed of the procedure.
    Educate in terms of basic hygiene, health related matters and life skills.
    Assistance in terms of developing skills and finding jobs.
    Providing the children (orphans and needy) via an After School Feeding Program, Tutoring, Day Care Centre, Activities such as drama and dance, Moral Support of HIV/AIDS infected and affected, Spiritual Guidance i.e. Bible studies and Praise and Worship
  1. Providing adults with both Moral and Material Support.


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